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GODS - a note on male energy

We welcome Gods as well as Goddesses to the community of GGUK.

However, please note that the Goddess Gatherings (and the GGUK Book Club) are for those who identify as female/women only.

Once the book club is established I will discuss with our membership their thoughts about male energy. There is also an option to start a Gods Gathering Book Club if that would serve.

I am also open to having a mixed gathering at a later date, or supporting any Gods who want to have male-centred healings and practices.

Join us on our facebook page or continue to follow the meet ups and I will announce events that are 'For all'

For the present moment, I will happily add you to our prayers/energy. Feel free to message us via meetup or facebook with your needs.

As with all elements of the GGUK Community, respect, love and a safe space are paramount. Bullying, harassment, unkind conduct will not be tolerated by anyone, regardless of gender/physical/energy identification.

Love and Light Goddesses (and God's of course!)
Jen x

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