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Full Moon - Release Yourself

Full moon time goddesses. Time to release all that you have built up, the judgements, resentments, the pain...

I invite you to consider releasing your true self. Removing your mask, your ego, your story. Freeing yourself and returning home.

For this all you need is to be willing. To be willing to consider what it would be to release those stories. To be willing to see yourself as you truly are. To be willing to turn this over to universe, to God, to the Angels, to who/what/where you consider your soul connected and breathe her back to the present.

I am a huge fan of ritual and ceremony. The next three days are a time of release for me:

The first evening - before full moon - I work on releasing the past. My perceived slights, those who have angered or upset me. I concentrate on them or the situation and breathe. Releasing it out of my body.

The second evening - full moon - I work on releasing myself in the present. Who I have come to believe I am.

The third evening - I look to the future, releasing any blocks to my future self.

I light candles, I shake, I cut cords, I talk to the Angels, I meditate, I listen to music, I burn sage, I do yoga, I sing, I dance - I do whatever moves me at the time.

On the occasion of the full moon, I invite you, dear sisters, to show yourself to me. I reveal your soul by releasing your mask.

Remember who you are and tonight, in front of a burning candle quietly (or fiercely) proclaim, "I remove my mask, I release myself. I am willing to let go of who I thought I was, and show my true self. I surrender. Finally, I am home."

Breathe in. Breathe out and release.

Welcome home. It's so good to see you. 

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